This Video Proves That Travelling Where You Live Is Awesome

When we talk about travelling we usually think about visiting a foreign country. We travel to faraway places, because we expect to find adventures and new experiences only afar. But the video below proofs that you don’t need to go far to experience an amazing journey.

There are so many amazing things in the country or city you live. You just have to walk outside and explore. Not only is it cheap, it is also a great opportunity to come to appreciate the place where you live. Act as if it where your holidays and try as many new things as possible. Go to exotic restaurants, visit museums, go hiking and most importantly, take pictures (a lot of pictures).

The best part about travelling where you live, is that it will surprise you ever time. Even If you think you have seen it all, you will always find something new and wonderful.

Not convinced yet? Watch the video below and join Sebastian Linda on his journey through his beautiful home state Saxony.

Travel Where You Live from Sebastian Linda on Vimeo.

Watch more: Sebastian Linda

Thanks for watching, see you next time!

Jerome Branny

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