This is How YouTubers Make Money

How do YouTubers get paid? In short, YouTubers get paid through advertising revenue. This means advertisers pay YouTube money, so that they can run ads on YouTube. When a YouTuber decides to allow ads to be displayed on his videos, he gets paid for brining viewers to those ads.

Enabling monetization on videos is super simple and can be done with only a few clicks. A YouTuber gets paid for every monetized view. This means a YouTuber does not get paid based on his subscribers, likes, and numbers of videos or comments. The only thing that counts are views.

This leads us to another question, how much do you get paid per view? This number depends on many different variables such as the current month, minutes watched and the number of viewers who are using ad-block. Alan Becker from the video below, divided his total earnings in 2015 by the total views he got in 2015 and came to the conclusion, that he earned one dollar per 1485 views. Which means he earned roughly $0.0007 per view.

However, this number can change dramatically throughout the year. Based on Alan Beckers research and experience, December is the best month with about $0.0018 per view and January the lowest paying month with only $0.002 per view. But this is not the only way YouTubers can earn money. YouTube launched YouTube Red on October 28, 2015, which gives YouTubers a secondary revenue stream for every Red member that watches their videos.

In Addition, many YouTubers use affiliate products to increase their income. They can also join a MCN (Multi-channel network), which offer assistance in monetization/sales, audience development and many more areas. Product placements and Merchandise are also very common methods to monetize videos. But it doesn’t stop there. for example, lets you support your favorite YouTubers with monthly pledges.

As you can see, YouTubers can use different tools to monetize their videos and it’s really hard to determine how much a YouTuber actually gets paid. If you are interested to learn more about how YouTubers get paid, check out the links and the video below.

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